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Applied Kinesiology -
A Training Manual and Reference Book
of Basic Principles and Practices

Published by North Atlantic Press, Berkeley, California

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By request, the author will gladly sign copies purchased directly from him. He will ship from his permanent residence in California, USA.To order a copy in USA, please send him a check or money order for $30 plus $3 for postage and handling. CA residents please add $2.68 tax. Send to Robert Frost, 6535 Corte Valdez, Carlsbad, CA 92009. If you would prefer to pay with credit card, the price is $30 plus $6 including postage, handling and credit card fees. (I pay my credit card company 10% on all orders.) Again, CA residents add $2.68 tax. To order with a credit card, visit his online bank by clicking here and entering the total order and price. For orders outside the USA, please contact him by email
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North Atlantic Books, 1456 4th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710, Tel: 510 559 8277 or 800 337 2665, email: Single copy price $30 + $6 postage and packing, CA residents please add $2.68 tax.

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German Language version,

Grundlagen der Applied Kinesiology, published 1998 by VAK, Freiburg, Germany

VAK Verlags GmbH, Eschbachstraße 5, D-79199 Kirchzarten, Tel: +49-7661/9871-50, Fax: +49-7661/9871-99

Example Chapters:

A Change In World View: From Newtonian Concepts To Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory

Biological Medicine and the Systems of Regulation


The Origin-Insertion Technique